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Team Building:
"To sail is to lead" (Sir Richard Branson)

Live an adventure together.

Sailing revels instantly the vital importance of working together,

of explaining, communicating well the missions as well as the tasks of each one: 

  • keeping in the group a strong cohesion to achieve the objective in the most efficient way. 

  • bringing together a group in an environment where the role of each participant has an immediate impact

  • getting to know yourself and communicating with your teammates throughout the course of the ship.

Crewed sailing is the perfect metaphor for corporate life.
Leadership and cohesion are at the core of this team
building module aboard Bravo Romeo

Mutual aid
know oneself
incorporate others

There is strategy and organization, communication and human management, taking into account the environment, the decision-making process. Almost everything that happens on a sailboat can be transposed to a business situation.

Over a few days, including at least one night at sea, we will be able to swap roles. Give everyone the opportunity to be the boss on board and understand what the charge of command means, the consequences of their decisions and the importance of transmitting their instructions in good conditions.

Some examples of exercises

  • man overboard exercise (absolute emergency under time pressure) Of course we use a buoy to represent the man overboard.

  • identify a secure shelter, go there and drop anchor. (decision-making process, planning-execution of an operation)

  • preparation for night at sea in two teams (choice of teams, distribution of roles, calculation of shift hours with transfer of leadership) Everyone will be the skipper at some point at night!

  • night shifts per 2-hour period (ability to work in a state of stress & fatigue, duty transmission, rotating leadership)

  • cooking competition in navigation (pleasure of working together and gratuity)

Sailing is just the medium

While learning, or reviewing, the basic maneuvers of a sailboat, trainees will be confronted with many challenges which they will have to face either as a full crew or in sub-groups.

Being a novice sailor is not at all an obstacle on the contrary. Sailors who may sometimes feel more comfortable than others must delegate just the same to make their group succeed. Also the skipper is always there to help and facilitate the exercise.

Being completely new to sailing can actually be an advantage because the central idea of ​​a challenge is not sailing or navigation.

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