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Discover how to handle a trimaran or improve your competence by taking up the basic maneuvers from port to anchor: buoying, man overboard, including maneuvers at sea, reefing, changing sails, gennaker, asymmetrical spinnaker and various settings: swiveling mast, runners, boom retainers, daggerboard height, etc. allowing you to maximise the smooth running of your boat.

On Bravo Romeo you will discover the range of action allowed by a boat sailing on average over 10 knots. You will enjoy the incomparable speeds of a multihull and the pleasure at the helm that goes with it.

Solo Sailing module

Supervised by the skipper, you will take control of the boat

from A to Z (also possible on your own boat). It is the most effective method to progress radically and to take a real step forward in the mastery of a sailboat.

On the program: boat preparation, safety briefing, navigation planning, weather forecast, in addition to all the maneuvers.

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