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Improvement course in trimaran navigation

Les voiles de Saint-Tropez
September 25th through October 9th 2021

140 €
Per day per person.

Meals and drinks included.
Limited to 6 people per day.

Event agenda available by clicking here

In the most glamorous village of the Cote d'Azure, you will come upon the finest selection of yachts that exist in the world which not only float and sail but race. 

More than 200 legendary yachts from every ocean, elite crews and many great skippers from international competitions are battling aboard these living museums.

You have to experience it at least once in your life.

Prestigious daily spectacle which you will attend on the water live with Bravo Romeo who will follow the regattas from start to finish.

You can choose to stay for one or more days and even sleep on board.

The yachts selected by the Société Nautique de St Topez are the crème de la crème. Watching them compete under sail a few meters away from you is fascinating.

Beauty, elegance, thrill, an experience reserved only to those who are on the water.

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